The Rethink project was an ambitious project that aimed to increase public awareness in the issue of sustainable waste management and achieved a change in thinking and behaviour of the public on the management of waste. We strived to make the audience to rethink and redefine how their daily activities associate with the production and management of waste and to demonstrate how they can reduce the production of waste but also manage them more correctly. Through the implementation of this information and awareness campaign we aimed at informing more than 500,000 people per year, on the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.

Through information and awareness of the public and the project target groups, we aimed to achieve a noticeable improvement of the major environmental problems relating to waste:

  • Waste Reduction:The successful implementation of the project was expected to achieve a reduction in waste production i.e. reduction in the per capita waste generation or at least stabilization until 2017.  The per capita domestic waste generation in Cyprus was 691 Kg / capita (data 2010) and increasing.
  • Recycling Increase: Recycling rates in Cyprus were currently at 15% overall recycling and 40% packaging waste recycling. It was expected that increased awareness to be achieved by the completion of the Rethink project would result in an increase in waste recycling rates by 5% for overall recycling and 15% for the recycling of packaging waste by 2017.
  • Diverting waste away from landfill: In addition to increasing recycling rates, the successful implementation of the project was expected to boost other forms of waste management as well such as reuse or energy recovery. All these waste management options could contribute in the diversion of waste from landfill, which is imperative for Cyprus with multiple environmental, social and economic benefits. According to Eurostat, in 2012 about 490,000 tonnes of waste were landfilled in Cyprus. The implementation of the Rethink project targeted at reducing the quantities of waste landfilled by 60,000 tons.

To achieve the program's objectives the following dissemination material and activities were implemented:

Activity Produced Material
TV Campaign
  • 5 Advertisements
  • 10 Longer TV Packages
  • 100 Weekly Programs
  • 3 Documentaries
  • 100 Inserts at Morning / Midday Talk Shows
  • 100 Reportages at news bulletins
Dissemination Material
  • 25,000 leaflets
  • 15,000 posters
  • 12-page story book in 25,000 copies
  • 30 ads in digital media
  • 30 ads in printed media
  • 2000 promotional gifts
  • 4000 information packages
  • 10 information boards ό
  • 200 training kits for educators
  • 3 maskots
Radio Campaign
  • 5 Ad Spots
  • 200 Inserts at Weekly Programs
  • 200 Reportages at News Bulletins
Printed and Electronic Press
  • 60 Interviews
  • 30 Articles
  • 100 Newsletters (GR/EN/TR)
Social and Digital Media
  • Facebook & Twitter Accounts
  • Website
  • Digital application for PC and Smart Phones
Conferences and Events
  • 2 Major Festivals
  • 3 Press Conferences
  • 1 Closing Conference
  • 1 Good practice guide in the application of information and awareness campaigns on waste management issues
Awareness Surveys
  • 3 Public awareness surveys
  • 4 workshops for journalists
  • 20 workshops for local authorities
  • 20 workshops for teachers/educators
  • 10 workshops for the industry

All the material produced for the purposes of the Rethink program can be found on the relevant pages of our website.

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