F. Project Dissemination

F1. Development of project website

The website is intended to work as an additional communication medium that will enable the distribution of full details of the project's objectives, actions, progress and results as well as all kind of information related to the project to be communicated to all target groups. Consequently it will serve as a reference point with updates of current events while the duration of the project. The website will also contribute in increasing awareness of endangered species and act as complementary educational tool. The project team desires to create a good quality website to be used as a communication portal for waste management issues where anyone can find all information he may need regarding reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. This portal will be adopted and maintained by GreenDot Cyprus after the project's ends.

Action Duration: October – December 2014

F2. Layman's report

At the closure of the project, a layman's report will be produced. This is a non-technical report aimed at a broader target group and serves to inform decision-makers and a non-technical audience on the objectives and the results achieved by the project.

Action Duration: March –April 2017

F3. Closing Conference

This activity aims the dissemination of the project’s results through a final conference which will present the results of Rethink project. The conference will take place during the last month of the program and will include speakers from the project partners and other European experts from scientific institutions, local authorities and other organizations.

Action Duration: April 2017