D. Training Activities

D1. Workshops for schoolteachers and other educators

One of the main target groups of the project is youth, especially children aged 5-16 years. This group covers children who are in primary and secondary education. This target group is vital to the project since children at these ages are easier to develop habits of proper consumption and environmental awareness. Additionally, children of these age have a significant influence on the adult population i.e. their parents.
This group will be approached through the training of teachers and the preparation of informative and educational material for teachers. In this way, and with the help of the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste will be able to be integrated in school curricula.
The implementation of this action includes the following activities:

  • development of informational material to be used for the training of teachers. This includes brochures, presentations and a training package containing ready-made lesson plans, activities, games, etc. that teachers can use in their classroom.
  • training of teachers in a series of 20 seminars organized by the Pedagogical Institute that will involve the proper use of the produced educational material.

Workshops for teachers will be held in all districts of Cyprus. It is expected that about 400 teachers will participate.

Action Duration: September 2016 – December 2016

D2. Workshops for journalists and other media representatives in RRR communication

Journalists and media representatives are a significant target group as they can act as multipliers of the project message in a great number of people. The action include a series of seminars to CyBC and CNA journalists as well as to journalists from other media. The journalists will attend a series of four seminars of one day duration each.
It is expected that at least 60 journalists will attend.

Action Duration: August 2015- January 2016

D3. Workshops for public and local authorities

Local authorities and public authorities play a key role in the proper and effective management of waste in Cyprus. For this purpose, as part of the Rethink program a series of 20 training workshops for local and public authorities will be conducted to cover all areas of Cyprus.
It is expected that more than 400 people at various levels of local and public administration will participate.

Action Duration: October 2015- March 2016

D4. Workshops for Industry

The industry is an important target audience as it has a dual role:

  • Waste producer, this enables it to reduce waste by i.e. improving production processes as to reduce waste
  • Product producer, this enable it to minimise waste by i.e. limiting packaging in their products

The project aims at the implementation of 10 workshops for the Industry and about 200 participants.

Action Duration: March 2015- August 2015