A. Project Management Actions

A1. Inception Phase
  • Formation of the Steering Committee
  • Formation of the Project Management Team
  • Formation of the Project Working Groups
  • Project action plan development

Action Duration: June – July 2014

A2. Project Management

This action includes the administrative and financial monitoring of the implementation of the project throughout the duration of the project. Three project management reports will be prepared and submitted to the EC: Project inception report, Project Mid-Term report and Project final report.

Action Duration: June 2014 – April 2017

A3. Monitoring of Project Progress

The action aims to:

  • Ensure that the implementation of the project follows the action plan and timetable
  • Measure the progress of the different project actions and the project as a whole on a regular basis

The monitoring of the project will be carried out with the use of relevant monitoring indicators and a monitoring protocol to be applied by all project partners.

Action Duration: June 2014 – April 2017


A4. Networking

The action aims at networking with other relevant LIFE + projects and other projects related to waste management and in particular the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.

This activity aims to exchange information and experiences that will be useful for a better implementation of the project and the transfer of knowledge and experience in order to develop and promote good practices.

The aim is to network with at least 10 projects: 5 in Cyprus and 5 abroad.

Action Duration: October 2014 – April 2017

A5. Project Audit

This action covers the contractual obligation of the project in accordance with Article 32 of the Common Provisions, for the conduct of an independent audit at the end of the project to inspect the financial statements. This check will verify compliance with national legislation and accounting rules but should also certify that all costs incurred respect the regulations of the program LIFE +.

Action Duration: April 2017

A6. After Life Communication Plan

An After-LIFE Communication Plan will be produced that will set out how the project will continue and develop the project actions in the years that follow the end the project and how the longer term management will be assured.

The After-LIFE Communication Plan will include:

  • How the dissemination of the projects results will be continued in the years following the end of the project
  • Sources of funding
  • How the project’s web page will be maintained

Action Duration: Απρίλιος 2017