TV Spots

5 minutes TV Spots-Composting

5 minutes TV Spots-Reduce Β'

5 minutes TV Spots-Reduce Α'

5 minutes TV Spots-Reuse B'

5 minutes TV Spots-Reuse Α'

5 minutes TV Spots-Recycling: Batteries and Appliances

5 minutes TV Spots - Recycling: Glass

5 minutes TV Spots-Recycling: PMD and Paper

5 minutes TV Spot-Recycling General Info

5 minutes TV Spot-Basic Terms of RRR

TV Commercial-ReCycle your Waste 

TV Commercial-ReUce your Waste  

TV Commercial-ReDuce your waste 

TV Commercial-Reduce Reuse Recycle(general) Green Dot Κύπρου

TV Commercial(teaser) Green Dot Κύπρου


 Festival of Environment and Recycling Nicosia 2016 


5th Festival of Environment and Recycling Green Dot Cyprus 


Rethink Campaign Intro