Newsletter (Issue 122 -“Rethink” one of the biggest environmental awareness projects in Cyprus)

Newsletter (Issue 121 -Fighting plastic waste)

Newsletter (Issue 120 -Pharmaceuticals recycling)

Newsletter (Issue 119 -Environmental action by NGOs)

Newsletter (Issue 118 -Recycled paper at Potamia school)

Newsletter (Issue 117 -Eco-ashtrays installed at Larnaca beaches)

Newsletter (Issue 116 -Cyprus among highest food waste generators)

Newsletter (Issue 115 -“Recycle and Create” prizes awarded)

Newsletter (Issue 114 -Solution will be found for two illegal landfills)

Newsletter (Issue 113 - Wall of Kindness)

Newsletter (Issue 112 - RRR meeting at CyBC)

Newsletter (Issue 111 - Students recycle at Paphos Technical School)

Newsletter (Issue 110 - RRR in Larnaca schools)

Newsletter (Issue 109 - Cypriot MEPs: In the right direction for waste management)

Newsletter (Issue 108 - Artistic classroom recycling at the French-Cypriot School)

Newsletter (Issue 107 - 64 submersible bins in Larnaca in 2017)

Newsletter (Issue 106 - EP votes for new rules)

Newsletter (Issue 105 - School in Paphos promoting RRR)

Newsletter (Issue 104 - M. Devavry: Waste should be reused)

Newsletter (Issue 103 - Unique creations from old items)

Newsletter (Issue 102 - NEW FASHION TREND)

Newsletter (Issue 101 - PAOU SEES ART IN EVERYTHING)

Newsletter (Issue 100 - Making pieces of art from reused materials)

Newsletter (Issue 99 - Green Dot: Reusing materials is a way of life)

Newsletter (Issue 98 - Green Dot: Measures needed for progress in recycling)

Newsletter (Issue 97 - EU against littering)

Newsletter (Issue 96 - MEPs are asking for more)

Newsletter (Issue 95 - RANKING FIRST IN RECYCLING)

Newsletter (Issue 94 - PAFOS HOSPITAL RECYCLES)

Newsletter (Issue 93 - 15 COMPOSTING AT SCHOOLS)

Newsletter (Issue 92 - 15 TONNES OF CAPS FROM SCHOOLS)


Newsletter (Issue 90 - Waste management in mountainous Cyprus)

Newsletter (Issue 89 - Pay as you throw at Yeroskipou)

Newsletter (Issue 88 - Aglantzia says goodbye to plastic bags)

Newsletter (Issue 87 - The environment cannot wait)

Newsletter (Issue 86 - The circular economy changing approaches)

Newsletter (Issue 85 - TEPAK against food waste)

Newsletter (Issue 84 - Limmasol Festival a great success)

Newsletter (Issue 83 - Effort needed to reach recycling aims)

Newsletter (Issue 82 - Increase in collection of recyclables)

Newsletter (Issue 80 - Next 2-3 years will be decisive)

Newsletter (Issue 79 - I can't have enough caps)

Newsletter (Issue 78 - Lack of domestic waste policy)

Newsletter (Issue 77 - Environmental awareness in Paphos Municipalities)

Newsletter (Issue 76 - Inspections continue)

Newsletter (Issue 75 - We have a green point)

Newsletter (Issue 74 - Addicted Persons helped by RETO to Hope Cyprus)

Newsletter (Issue 73 - Recycling Vending Machine at Mackenzie)

Newsletter (Issue 72 - Recycling of 2,7 million kg of waste)

Newsletter (Issue 71 - The law brings changes)

Newsletter (Issue 70 - Investments are needed)

Newsletter (Issue 69 - Cor Says No to Waste)

Newsletter (Issue 68 - The aim is to protect the environment, Agriculture Minister says)

Newsletter (Issue 67 - Silikiotis: Danger of losing grace period)

Newsletter (Issue 66- Students make film for Nicosia green spot)

Newsletter (Issue 65- Blackout at CyBC)

Newsletter (Issue 64- study finds problems in waste management)

Newsletter (Issue 63- Reduce Food Waste)

Newsletter (Issue 62- Schools get prizes for creations with recyclables)

Newsletter (Issue 61- ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT Local authorities have long way to go)

Newsletter (Issue 60- Green Dot Very successful Festival in Nicosia)

Newsletter (Issue 59- Cyprus Collecting)

Newsletter (Issue 58- CNA: Second year in Rethink program)

Newsletter (Issue 57- HEALTH*CLEANLINESS)

Newsletter (Issue 56- Decorating with recyclables)

Newsletter (Issue 55- Adamou: Tyres possible fire hazard)

Newsletter (Issue 54- Environment Commissioner - Concerns Confirmed)

Newsletter (Issue 53- Framework agreement for Koshi approved)

Newsletter (Issue 52- Positive response to Recycling by Paphos citizens)

Newsletter (Issue 51- Reduction of Waste in Strovolos Municipality)

Newsletter (Issue 50- Recycling at the House)

Newsletter (Issue 49- 230 tonnes since 2009, 55 tonnes in 2015)

Newsletter (Issue 48- Drosia Primary School: Pioneer in recycling)

Newsletter (Issue 47- Agriculture Minister: Kotsiatis closing)

Newsletter (Issue 46- Underground bins delayed in Larnaca)

Newsletter (Issue 45- Campaign: I can't get enough bottle caps)

Newsletter (Issue 44- Works of Art from Tin Cans)

Newsletter (Issue 43- Paphos Αctions for Environment)

Newsletter (Issue 42- Environment Commissioner: Vogue Strategy)

Newsletter (Issue 41- PAFOS 2017 Supports Environment)

Newsletter (Issue 40- UK:Charging led to Reduction) 

Newsletter (Issue 39- Commision's Measures for Circular Economy)

Newsletter (Issue 38- 75% of Household Waste in Landfills)

Newsletter (Issue 37- Management of pesticide packaging)

Newsletter (Issue 36- Campaign in Limassol)

Newsletter (Issue 35- Campaign in Ypsonas)

Newsletter (Issue 34- 23% Recycling at Airports)

Newsletter (Issue 33- GALATA Recycling not possible without State Grant)

Newsletter (Issue 32- WTS in Sotira)

Newsletter (Issue 31- LIFE : Financial tool for the EU)

Newsletter (Issue 30- CCCI : Environment and Economy Together)

Newsletter (Issue 29- Plastic bottle tops help thousands)

Newsletter (Issue 28- P. Chrysohous Sorting at Source)

Newsletter (Issue 27- CIGARETTE BUTT ON BEACH)

Newsletter (Issue 26- Ayios Athanasios: Waste Management a priority)

Newsletter (Issue 25- Mathiatis Winning the prizes)

Newsletter (Issue 24- 25 millions Cans since 1990)

Newsletter (Issue 23- CUT at laboratory tests of «ANAGENNISI» Project)

Newsletter (Issue 22- SOLID WASTE Large Production in Cyprus)

Newsletter (Issue 21- Agriculture Minister: Draft bill in pipeline Pay As You Throw)

Newsletter (Issue 20- Glass Recycling Significant Benefits)

Newsletter (Issue 19- ANAKYKLOS:Mentality has changed but still far to go)

Newsletter (Issue 18- Eco-Schools receive awards)

Newsletter (Issue 17- University of Nicosia promotes Green Policy)

Newsletter (Issue 16- Frederick: Sustainable waste management)

Newsletter (Issue 15- Sustainable development through education)

Newsletter (Issue 14- 300,000 tonnes of packaging waste recycled in Cyprus in 2007-2014)

Newsletter (Issue 13- Military camps "go green")

Newsletter (Issue 12- University of Cyprus promotes zero garbage policy)

Newsletter (Issue 11- 17 tonnes less waste at European University)

Newsletter (Issue 10- Green Policy at CUT)

Newsletter (Issue 09- Educational Environmental Park)

Newsletter (Issue 08- New philosophy)

Newsletter (Issue 07- Long way to go for waste management)

Newsletter (Issue 06- Energy from waste)

Newsletter (Issue 05- THE AIM: 80 tonnes of batteries 4,000 tonnes of electronic waste)

Newsletter (Issue 04- Reduction of waste material possible with right messages)

Newsletter (Issue 03- A Huge Problem for Cyprus' Countryside)

Newsletter (Issue 02- New Rules on Shopping Bags)

Newsletter (Issue 01- What does "RRR" stand for in terms of waste reduction)