Rethink Campaign

The campaign Rethink – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is an awareness raising campaign aiming at the Reduction, the Reuse and the Recycling of waste, and it is being carried forward by a group of partners led by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) with the participation of Green Dot Cyprus, Fost Plus of Belgium, the Cyprus News Agency, the Paedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Environment Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. The campaign will have a duration of 36 months (9/6/2014 – 10/4/2017) and is being co-funded by the Life+ programme of the European Union.

The chief motive for the development of this programme are the large amounts of waste produced by each of us and which, based on Eurostat statistics for 2012, came up to 663 kilograms per resident per year in Cyprus. The campaign will contribute to the achievement of the environmental targets of the Republic of Cyprus as well as to the promotion of the correct implementation of EU policy on waste in member states. At the same time, the “guide to good communication practices” on Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (RRR) matters in waste management, which will be set up within the framework of the campaign, will be available for use by all the member-states.The campaign aims at informing and raising awareness of the public and more particularly of the following target-groups:

  • Young people of 5-16 age group, as they will be the citizens of the future and who also have a substantial influence on adults
  • Young people and young couples of the 20-44 age group, as they constitute the main consumer group and the main waste producing group.
  • The Industrial sector through associations of industrial and commercial enterprises.
  • Educators, who will function as multipliers of messages.
  • Immigrants, many of whom work in the services sector (restaurants, hotels etc.), or in industry.
  • Local Authorities, which will soon be called upon to implement RRR policies.
  • The members of Parliament, who will have the responsibility for the legal framework.
  • Mass Media representatives.