Campaign Actions

Within the framework of the campaign the following means will be used to convey to the public the main messages:

  • Television
    On television 5 advertisement messages will be aired on TV stations of island-wide transmission range. On Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) ten 3-minute spots will be aired which will offer specific information to the public e.g. on how to recycle packaging, batteries, how to buy more intelligently, etc., 100 weekly programmes, 3 one-hour documentaries, 100 presentations on morning and mid-day programmes, and 100 reportages.
  • Radio
    On radio, 5 spots will be made to be aired on the four CyBC radio channels, 200 weekly programmes, which will cover in-depth issues concerning waste management, as well as 200 news bulletins in radio news programmes.
  • Press and Electronic Media
    Press and electronic media will host 60 interviews, 30 articles and 100 information leaflets.
  • Social Networks and Digital Media
    Accounts for the campaign will be set up on Facebook and Twitter, a web-page will be set up, as well as two digital applications, one for smart phones and one for computers.
  • Conferences and Events
    Green Dot Cyprus’ Festivals for the Environment and Recycling of 2015 and 2016 will be dedicated to the Rethink campaign, and also three press conferences will be held.
  • Information Material
    25000 information leaflets, 15000 posters as well as 25000 copies of a 12-page children’s story will be produced.
  • Educational Activities
    Awareness workshops for teachers, journalists, Local and Public Authorities and the Industry will be organized.

For the successful planning of the campaign existing research of public opinion (e.g. the Eurobarometre) will be used, as well as the collective experience of the partners. At the same time, the planning will be strengthened by three further public opinion polls (at the start, in the middle, and at the end of the campaign), as well as by targeted qualitative polls through focus-groups which will aim at investigating underlying tendencies and opinions of the public which determine environmental behaviour.

Together with the above there will be monitoring indicators of the impact of the project in the methods of waste management and the environmental parameters that they affect. Within this framework a series of indicators will be monitored such as waste production per resident, recycling per resident, waste mass ending in sanitation burial sites, the number of fires that are started from such sites, and the number of legislative measures enacted related to RRR.